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F1 Sugar Rush
Cheiranthus (Wallflower)

Sweetly scented and ultra-fast in production. Not requiring cool temperatures for flowering, this F1 hybrid Cheiranthus can be sold even in late Summer or early Autumn from as little as just 9 weeks from sowing. Even during warm temperatures it still produces dark green healthy foliage and great natural branching. Once planted out it will withstand heavy frost and wintery conditions, making a nice bushy plant that will then re-flower in early Spring. Alternatively, it can be sold as a flowering plant in early Spring in as little as 14-16 weeks from sowing. The perfect addition for Autumn and Winter gardening. A versatile companion to Pansies!

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Cultural and Sell Sheet
Seed Form Natural
Seed Count 18,500/oz - 650/g
Garden Height 8 - 10” ( 20 - 25 cm)
Garden Spread 8 - 10” ( 20 - 25 cm)
Flower Size 1 - 1 1/2" ( 2 - 4 cm)


  • Sugar Rush Mix WAL135
  • Primrose WAL112
  • Purple Bicolour WAL113
  • Yellow WAL115
  • Red WAL124
  • Orange WAL127

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