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F1 Prism

Prism is not just another early flowering Grandiflora Petunia series.

Prism is very early flowering with massive bloom size, setting it apart from the competition. Add to that a naturally compact habit and uniform finishing across an outstanding colour range and Prism is the only series of Grandiflora Petunia to choose for your programme. The award winning Prism Sunshine further enhances Prism’s wide colour range, as do the veined Sundae’s - uniquely matching the standard colours for compactness and flowering time. A real breakthrough!

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Cultural and Sell Sheet
Seed Form Natural, Elitech, Pelleted
Seed Count 312,000/oz - 11,000/g
Garden Height 12 - 15" (30 - 40 cm)
Garden Spread 12 - 15" (30 - 40 cm)
Flower Size 4 - 5" (10 - 13 cm)


  • Prism Mixed PET700
  • Blue PET707
  • Bright Rose PET737
  • Coral Halo PET755
  • Deep Rose PET745
  • Lavender PET762
  • Pink PET715
  • Red PET720
  • Ruby PET730
  • Salmon PET740
  • Sunshine PET702
  • White PET705
  • Blackberry Sundae PET716
  • Blueberry Sundae PET717
  • Dewberry Sundae PET766
  • Plum Sundae PET770
  • Raspberry Sundae PET718
  • Strawberry Sundae PET768
  • Sundae Mixed PET765

F1 Prism Colours

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