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F1 Magnum®

Magnum® performs for the grower, retailer and the consumer. Its compact early flowering, branching habit is maintained in hot or cold temperature extremes and low light providing full flower performance season long. Its large flowers are carried on short stems above a well branched, full bodied yet compact plant. Magnum® is particularly attractive in a 4” (10cm) pot.

Uniquely designed to remain compact but freely branching, Magnum® resists stretching even at higher temperatures.

Available Mixes:

Formula Mix PAN570
Blotched Mix PAN593
Clear Mix PAN594
Watercolours Mix PAN565

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Cultural and Sell Sheet
Seed Form Natural, Primed
Seed Count 21,250/oz - 750/g
Garden Height 6 - 8" (15 - 20 cm)
Garden Spread 6 - 8" (15 - 20 cm)
Flower Size 3" (8 cm)


  • Beaconsfield PAN571
  • Blue Blotch PAN584
  • Clear Blue PAN573
  • Orange PAN576
  • Orange Blotch PAN592
  • Pink Shades PAN587
  • Porcelain Blue Shades PAN583
  • Primrose PAN577
  • Pure White PAN590
  • Purple PAN585
  • Purple Bicolour PAN588
  • Red Blotch PAN574
  • Red Wing PAN579
  • Rose Blotch PAN578
  • Scarlet Shades PAN582
  • White Blotch PAN581
  • Yellow PAN575
  • Yellow Blotch PAN580
  • Magnum Mixed PAN570
  • Blotched Mixed PAN593
  • Clear Mixed PAN594
  • Watercolours Mixed PAN565

F1 Magnum® Colours

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