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2016 is the Year of the Begonia

02 Feb 2016

The National Garden Bureau has just announced 2016 as the Year of the Begonia. Floranova has many great F1 Begonia series to offer. All of Floranova Begonia series are bred for heat and drought tolerance, and look stunning in the container, landscape, or even a hanging basket.

F1 Begonia boliviensis Bossa Nova is the economical alternative to cutting raised begonias. The large flowers and nonstop flowering makes Bossa Nova a great choice for any climate but will particularly thrive in warm situations. Bossa Nova Yellow is a new exciting addition this year and will surely add to the range of bright colors available in the series.
Bossa Nova Ivory Bossa Nova Red Bossa Nova Pure White Bossa Nova Rose Bossa Nova Salmon Shades Bossa Nova Yellow Bossa Nova Mix

F1 Begonia Stara has outperformed the competition in some of the world’s toughest trial grounds, where other varieties can’t take the heat.  The foliage of this season long performer changes from green to dark bronze as the seasons change from Spring to Summer.
Stara Mix Stara Pink Stara Rose Stara Scarlet Stara White

F1 Begonia Ikon was described as a “Showstopper” and voted Best Basket Plant in the Dallas Arboretum 2012 Trials, where it took full Texas sun without even a crispy leaf. Delightfully tactile foliage with a wonderful branching habit and masses of blush white flowers creates Ikon’s unique habit, a great combination to maximize impulse sales.
Ikon Green Ikon Bronze Ikon Mix

Make Floranova’s Begonias part of your 2016 year!

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