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About Floranova

Floranova is a specialised breeder of flower seed varieties for the professional bedding and pot plant sector.  Our seed products are available to trade and consumers through a network of wholesale and retail distributors throughout the world.

Established in the UK in 1978, Floranova is now recognised as being one of the World’s leading flower seed breeding companies.  The company’s portfolio also comprises vegetatively propagated products that are licensed to a network of propagators.

Using traditional breeding techniques, Floranova is committed to bringing new, novel, high quality and beautiful products to the global marketplace: products that excel for horticultural professionals and gardeners alike.

In 2009, a separate corporate entity was formed to specialise in the breeding, production and marketing of vegetable seed for the ornamental sector. More information can be found at www.vegetalis.com.

  • F1 Inspire Scarlet

    Inspire Scarlet - Fleuroselect Winning Geranium

  • Salvia Victoria

    Salvia Victoria - Fleuroselect Winning Salvia

  • Salvia Strata

    Salvia Strata - AAS and Fleuroselect Winning Salvia

  • F1 Raspberry Ripple

    Raspberry Ripple - Fleuroselect Winning Geranium

  • F1 Perfume Deep Purple

    Perfume Deep Purple - AAS Winning Nicotiana

  • F1 Prism Sunshine

    Prism Sunshine - AAS and Fleuroselect Winning Yellow Petunia

  • Zea mays ‘Field of Dreams’

    Field of Dreams - breakthrough ornamental corn

  • Pansy F1 Freefall

    Pansy Freefall - New introduction for 2011

  • Begonia F1 Fairyland

    Begonia Fairyland - New Introduction 2011